Incident / Accident Management

Accident Management in Perth, WA

Accident scenes can be quite chaotic and sometimes the damage caused can be greater than the collision itself. Damaged vehicles occupy road space and can cause a hazard for other road users. That’s why it’s important that incident and accident scenes are managed professionally.

Daynite Towing specialises in efficient Incident/Accident Management and can send a team to your accident site within a short timeframe.

Our trucks are fully equipped to tow away broken and damaged vehicles to a safe location. We can also coordinate the accident scene to ensure all debris is cleaned away, and that the site is adequately protected and repatriated to appropriate requirements.

The Daynite Towing team has many years’ experience working with emergency forces and in the implementation of standard safety procedures to ensure the professional management of accident sites in Perth and throughout WA.

Incident / Accident Management